April 7, 2015

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath

Whenever we were planning our trip to London, we knew we wanted to go to Bath. My sister and I have been obssesed with Jane Austen since we were 12 or 13, so of course we were desperate to visit! Thank goodness my good friend Ramiro was living in London at the time, and arranged the whole trip for us :) thank you Rami!
We took a bus early in the morning and got there around mid-day. The weather was lovely, and the streets so busy! Bath is a very enchanting place.
We walked around and shopped a little first. 
We then made our way to the Jane Austen Centre. On our way there, we came across this lovely plaza, which looks staight out of the Persuasion movie BBC made based on Jane Austen´s book.


My dad was so excited he posed all by himself for a picture (or two).

For our delight, Mr. Darcy himself was waiting for us at the door!!!

The centre is made up of rooms filled with information about Jane´s life while in Bath, the social scene of the time, and many other fun facts.

"Know your own happiness. Want for nothing but patience - or give it a more fascinating name: Call it hope.” —Sense and Sensibility (1811)

At one point, you can actually dress up with clothes from Georgian times! We didnt hesitate to pop on dresses and bonnets. However, the pictures of my sister and me are just way too emabarassing to show!
My parents, on the other hand, pull it off quite perfectly.

So romantic!

There is also a station in which you can write a letter with a quill pen and tint! My sister, being the one in the family with good hand-writing, wrote a letter to Leo, who we were all thinking about and missing!

After spending about two hours frolicking around like crazy (isnt that what all girls in their twenties do???), we stepped out into the light of day.
The Bath Abbey graces the city. We photographed it and admired it from a distance, but we had something else in mind...

FOOD, of course! Ramiro couldnt recommend Sally Lunn´s enough, so when the weather brought dark clouds, we snuck in for tea and buns!

Sally Lunn´s has been around since 1680, and the house it´s in is the oldest house in Bath.

We were, rather coincidentally BTW, seated in the Jane Asuten Room, just up the stairs and to the right.
We each asked for a different kind of tea, and had a bun each. We weren´t sure what to expect, but nothing could have ever prepared us for the deliciousness that was brought to our table.

Tea time in London (or should i say Great Britain in general) is such a great, comforting, lovely tradition. The milk, the sugar cubes... I miss it.

Look at that Bun! Its enormous, but we still finished all of them, and might have even asked for an extra one to share. The best part of course, is the cream that is served with the bun. Rich, creamy, decadent cream to spread all over the bun. It is a glorious combination!

My lovely parents.

After eating our own weight in buns, we decided keep strolling around the city, as we had some time left until our bus returned to London.
Here are some snaps

My mom and me :)

Such beautiful gardens!

The time to leave came too soon. We boarded our bus and soon enough were back in rainy London.
There stands Harrods, all lit up! Strangely enough, this was the ONLY time we experienced London with rain. Every other day it was sun shine and blue skies! London, I miss you like crazy!

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