January 25, 2015

Granger & Co. - Notting hill, London

It's been so long since I last blogged! I've been so busy. But for the past month or so I've been dreaming of London and its grand, grand beauty. Also of its amazing food :) 

Once Leo was back with us, all we wanted to do was take her to Notting Hill. So we did! We woke up and headed over for brunch at Granger & Co. 

There she is, the little beauty! 

We waited in line for a couple minutes, and soon enough we were inside. 
Granger & Co is beautifully decorated, its white walls and beautiful flowers lit by all the light the big windows let in. Touches of gold and yellow here and there to make for the sunniest of brunches! 

To start with I ordered iced coffee, while everyone else ordered freshly squeezed orange juice. 

And the full aussie breakfast: scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, bacon (yes!!!), cumin roast tomato, miso chestnut mushrooms, chipolatas, and most importantly, a side of avocado. Its the most delicious combination. And the eggs! They are heavenly. Their consistency is smooth and cotton-candy like. This dish alone is worth the trip. 

We ate in Granger & Co. twice, and here are all the dishes we tried: 

I had the beef burger, which was perfect in every way. 

The kale, lemon and pistachio pistou, parmesan, spelt linguini & broccolini for my vegetarian (and uncommonly picky ) sister. 

The parmesan Crumbed chicken schnitzel and fennel slaw. My mom was delighted with her choice. 

 Potato, creme fraiche, and dill. The creamier, the better! 

Some sort of spaghetti and shrimp. It looks so good! We were all pleasantly surprised at how restaurants in London sprinkle arugula to top off their pasta. It adds just the right amount of green to the deliciously carb-filled ensemble.

Chopped fruit bowl, greek yoghurt & honey. We seemed to find greek yoghurt everywhere in London. It's so hard to do so here, in Ecuador! 

One of the best desserts I have every had. I can't remember if its ice cream or just cream, I can just say it was sooooo good! Pistachios and strawberries make a wonderful combination. 

Everyone was so nice there! We even got a picture of the whole fam. 

Notting Hill is the best background for photos. Its vibrant streets and picturesque scenes just called our names. We couldn't resist! 

After our outings, we always came back to the lovely flat we rented… exhausted, but oh so joyful about being in London. 

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