August 3, 2015

Lu's 23 Birthday in London

8 days from now Lu will be turning 24 years old! I cant believe a year ago we were in London celebrating her 23rd birthday. 

We started with brekky at our flat, with heart shaped ballons, pink decor all over, birthday cards and gifts for our lovely Lu. 

Our minion friend was invited, of course! 

Our lovely flat hostess brought us these wonderful purple orchids. They lit up the whole room!

We got ready quickly and headed out to the city, with a whole day of activities planned to celebrate the birthday girl. It was sadly also our last day in the great city of London. 

We had passed by a street filled with tons of restaurants on a previous day and decided to stop by to have lunch. 

Piccolino was a very cool and modern looking italian place that perfectly suited us. 

We each ordered our own favorite dish!
Rissotto for Lu:

Pasta with shrimp for me:

Penne with some kind of red sauce for my dad: 

Steak for Leo: 

Such good food! And there she is, smiling! SUCCESS!!! 

While we were eating, it rained. Gladly, the rain didn't last long, and we scooted along to the next activity. 

Which was the Traditional Afternoon Tea at Kingsway Hall Hotel!

We were all thrilled! 

We each had our own choice of tea and shared finger sandwiches, warm scones, cakes and pastries, which disappeared almost instantly. 

Why cant we enjoy traditional english tea everywhere in the world?!? I think I speak for all the women in my family when I say I'd give anything to have a scone with clotted cream and tea with a dash of milk right now :)

We were a tad bit late to our next activity but we still made time for pictures at the gorgeous hotel entrance and a close up of her birthday accessories

The sunset was creeping in on us while we tried to find the theatre where we had bought tickets to watch the play "Once" (which is one of Lu's and my favorite movies ever)

This has to be one of my favorite photos of London ever:

Pictures were of course not allowed while the play was going on, but we took some during the intermission: 

The play was fabulous. The dialogues, the sets, the music, everything was fantastic. 
It was a small theatre, so everything felt very intimate and incredibly special. 

To get back home quickly we took one of those famous looking black London cabs (so fun! and expensive!), and took one last picture to remember this day. 

It'll be hard to top last year's birthday off this year! But we'll think of something...

And so now I've finally finished blogging about our London adventure!

New York City, you're up!!! 

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