September 30, 2014

Canary Wharf, London

A quick post to remember when we visited Canary Wharf while I was in London with my family. 

The first thing we thought upon arriving was how different it feels from the rest of London. Canary Wharf is a business district, but beautiful nonetheless. 

The sky was grey when we arrived, but the sun came out in the afternoon. 

It was subtle at first, but then kept getting brighter and brighter, giving us great lighting for pictures!

After snapping a few, we crossed a small bridge...

Finding small restaurants, cafes and a wonderful museum on the other side! 

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of our food or tried to take any photos inside the museum… 

Just a few more of us around the area. 

And my sister, who is color crazy, couldn't resist the fact my lips matched the flowers, and took wonderful pictures! She deserves all the credit for the next ones: 

The sun was full on when she took these!

Thank you +Lucianna Ballesteros !!!

My dad sat around for a while with two new friends he made...

And then again, with some more! 

Before we left, we had to make our way through what seemed to be millions of working guys & girls, who at 5:30 sharp, came out to the pubs to drink beer. It was quite a scene!

The sun was setting, so we started our longer-than-usual trip back home. 

Until next time, Canary Wharf!