September 7, 2014

Portobello Market, Notting Hill

Once we got the hang of getting around London on the tube, we decided to take a trip to the famous Portobello Market, in Notting Hill. 

Notting Hill is very different from central London, but spectacular all the same. 

There are no tall buildings, and the houses are all painted different colors. 

My parents dressed to match! 

The streets are filled with shops, restaurants and cafes...

Sadly, the flower shop was closed...

But served as a wonderful backdrop for a picture anyways! 

After walking for a few blocks we were finally there! 

We browsed around the jewelry and clothing for a while...

Suddenly, we were surrounded by bubbles!

Soon enough, we found the happy bubble-maker, who, as can be observed, was more than willing to be photographed :) 

Photo-bombing (or should I say, bubble-bombing?) my sister! 

We got to see some of the food section of the market before it all closed down 

We then returned back to our flat, with the sun behind us... 

The four of us loved Notting Hill, and promised we would be back once we had our baby with us once again. 


  1. Me encanta como escribes! Me transporto a los lugares de los que hablas!

  2. I'm about to move to London and I can'r wait to go back to Notting Hill!
    Loved your photos,