August 5, 2014

Thai Orchid, Edinburgh

Our trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, was 4 days total, a short visit in the middle of our vacation in the U.K. The one thing I remember the most is how cold it was! And also, the spectacular views from Edinburgh Castle... 

I also remember the fantastic culinary experience we had. We ate lunch at Thai Orchid, into which we rushed in to escape the cold. 

We were super ready to eat. All that touristing can make you very, very hungry. 

We of course started with starters to share. 

Deep fried vegetable spring rolls, served with a sweet chilli dip for my dear vegetarian sister. (Yes, we all wonder how she lives that way!)

Tempura style prawns coated with a light coconut batter, served with a sweet chilli dip. What my mom usually orders and my dad and I steal from! 

Satay skewers of tender marinated prawns barbecued over charcoal, served with peanut suace and cucumber dip. My dad and I shared this. The prawns were cooked perfectly and the sauces each added a unique flavour to every bite. 

As a main my dad ordered the chicken "Pad King", stir fried with fresh ginger and mixed vegetables. Look at that presentation! After tasting it, I inmediately regretted not having that as a main too...

My mom and I ordered the same thing: thai style sweet and sour chicken with ginger and dried chilli, with a side of egg fried rice. The fried rice stole the show! 

My sister had egg noodles stir fried with spring onions, red peppers and sesame oil. I finished off that dish for her. So good! 

The lucky girl also had her own side of sticky white rice.

This was one of those days where I could have ordered a lot better. I blame the weather. Oh well. The sugar cubes (how cute can they be?!?) made up for it. 

I guess the whole family was feeling food-greedy, because after lunch we went right to tea and sweets. I had spotted "Hula" ever since we first walked around the city, but decided it was better to leave it for the last day. 

So funky looking! I could never get my parents to go inside anywhere like this in Ecuador :) 

The walls had art, and the lighting and the decor made the small cafĂ© super cozy. 

We look so happy to be there!

My parents look quite pleased too :)

The place was buzzing with people, some more quiet than others. 
I snapped some pics while we waited for desserts to arrive. 

That guy is staring right into the camera! 

I think its safe to say that while we were in the U.K. we hunted down every piece of Rocky Road we could get our hands on. Its too bad we havent been able to find them anywhere in Florida, not to mention Ecuador. 

Look at that perfect chocolate, marshmellow filled square!  

My parents made the sensible choice, and asked for tea. 

I asked for a flat white, which I still can't describe exactly what it is and how it differs from a latte or a cappuccino. The fact is, I still had a hard time falling asleep that night! 

My sister´s cappuccino. 

More desserts... 

And yet another Rocky Road! 

The next day we said goodbye to Edinburgh and hurried back to London…