July 22, 2014

Jamie's Italian, London

I finally made it to London. After 2 lost pieces of luggage, a terrible jet lag and what felt like the longest flight possible, I'm here! My youngest sister is attending TASIS, a summer camp in Surrey, and my dad, mom, and other sister couldn't bare the thought of saying goodbye in Ecuador, so we planned a trip to London to see her off, then spend 3 weeks "living" in London and go get her once camp is over. 

After a long day of doing everything a tourist in London should do, we got hungry. Walking around in Picadilly Circus, we decided to get lost trying to find the perfect place to dine. Much to our surprise we found Jamie's Italian right before our eyes! We were ecstatic. We've loved Jamie Oliver for so long! I spent countless summer evenings watching his shows (when I was younger I had quite a serious crush on him), wishing I could taste one of his recipes...

The menu has a lot of options and we took our own sweet time deciding what we wanted to try 

Bread with Tapenade, on the house. A match made in heaven! 

 Caprese Salad, perfect for summer 

 Crispy Squid. My dad said its the best he's ever tried, and I agree! It comes with the richest  creamiest, mayo to dip the squid in.  

My sister had Jamie's 'must try' Gnudi ricotta dumplings. They were warm, filled with cheese, and melted in my mouth. Delicious! 

My mom had Beef & Turkey Meatballs with Rigatoni

My dad, Crab Linguini

And a Burger with Skinny Chips for me! Just too good to be true! 

Then my camera died (oops!) and I had to photograph our dessert with my iPhone. We shared the most delicious Lemon Pie! 

And just like that, one of my life-long dreams fulfilled! 
Thank you for the lovely dinner Jamie! We love you!