June 23, 2014

Piola, Cumbayá

This is a short little post to remember when a couple of Fridays ago my dad, mom, sister, sister's boyfriend spontaneously decided to get some pizza. We headed to Piola, a pizza place that is relatively new that serves very very delicious pizza and pasta. 

Started off with a truly refreshing limonata, and some warm bread with olive oil and vinegar.

My dad ordered pasta instead of pizza. I didn't get to taste it but he looked pretty happy with it :)

My mom's pizza had pepperoni, ham & sausage... so delicious! 

My pizza had chicken, ham and rocket. Soooo good! My favorite thing about these pizzas are their thin crust and the amazing tomato sauce used in all of them (except the white pizzas). 

For dessert we shared Profiteroles...

And tiramisu!

We said arrivederci & headed back home full and happy.

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