September 5, 2013

Restaurante Patria, Cumbaya

A new Restaurant has opened its doors in Cumbaya. How exciting! Its located in Cumbaya's Park. The park is not really a park, its more like a small plaza. It is surrounded by great places to eat though... And Patria is a great addition. Last Sunday my family and I had lunch there. 

It's huge, baby-blue doors welcomed us in, to what seems to have been a great big house

The decor is amazing. Not only does it have trees on the inside, but huge windows let the sunlight in. 
I was delighted to find this little table with beautiful, ecuadorian roses and hand cream in the bathroom 

My parents chose a table on the outside, so we were surrounded by trees, plants, and flowers while we ate 

The menu wittily resembles an old newspaper. See? The first page lets you in on the concept behind the  place: ecuadorian food with a creative twist to it. 

To start, we ordered a plate which offers typical types of food common to the mountain region of Ecuador. Im pretty sure I can't translate the names of these things in english, so ill just say it was all yummy. 

I ordered another starter as a main dish. It was octopus with cheery tomatoes and potatoes. I had been craving octopus for a while, so I ate it with delight! 

For dessert, I had "arroz brulé", the french version of "arroz con leche", which is rice with milk. Soooo gooood! 

My mom asked for an all-chocolate dessert. 


Ok. So while i loved having lunch there... the ambiance at night transforms, offering a totally different (but still amazing) experience. 

J and I decided we needed some dessert. So on a cold Friday night, we took a walk around the "park" and then went into Patria. The doors were shut right behind us, as the night got real cold

Once we were inside, we couldn't help but notice the huge tree in front of us, 
and also a room that is just at the right of the entrance. It has glass doors, which separates it from the rest of the seating area. It only has one table, which you have to book for in advance. The person who does will be surrounded by lit trees and all kinds of flowers. 

Here's a close-up of the table:

And the beauties that surround it...

One lucky person at that table will have this heart-warming view:

We sat in another area, lit by candle-light 

I had a glass of red wine to warm myself

He had dark beer 

We ordered the same kind of starter as the one I had with the family, except this time we wanted types of food typical of the coast of Ecuador. I liked this one better. Again, i wish i could explain what "it" all is. But...again, ill just say its delicious. 

And as the saying goes... "barriga llena, corazon contento". It translates: full stomach, happy heart. Is there a saying for that in english? Anyways... the music is a GREAT plus. While we ate songs from Sting, The Cardigans, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros played in the background. 

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  1. buena recomendación, muy ilustrativo. gracias.